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Rinpung Dzong



P & H 1980

Barun Gurung
Paljor Lhendrupling building Changlam road, Thimphu Bhutan
Mobile: +975- 77208749/ 17383877

Why P&H 1980

With years of prior experience within the travel and tourism sector, P&H 1980 is a newly established tour operatingfirm. The inception of the company is mainly to cater to newly emerging and inclusive needs of visitors. Gone are the days when Bhutanese tourism was mainly confined to cultural and traditional aspects. At present, the development and further expansion of tourism activities has began attracting visitors from all over the earth. The emergence of sporting adventures, peaceful relaxations and the vision of Bhutan’s unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) invites you to share an experience that will linger in your mind long after you have left this Himalayan land.
At P&H 1980 we endeavour that each guest gets every aspect of experience the country has to offer. We design incredible itineraries which consist of adventure, culture and delightful pleasure that serves to enlighten.